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Resolve Violations

1. Where can I direct my Violation inquires

You can email There will be no live phone assistance. If you call and select Data Integrity, it will direct you to the email address. All emails will be responded to in a timely manner.

2. Where can I send my SELMs and Photo Waivers?

You can email your SELMS and Photo Waivers to or fax to 909-859-205. Please note that the subject line and the PDF name for any SEL or Photo Waiver must state “SEL-and the property address” or “Photo Waiver-and the property address” (see example below)

3. Where can I sign up for a Compliance Class?

Members must first email to see is their violation may be resolved by attending a class. Once that is determined, they will be provided a registration link for the class and they will need to pay the class fee.

4. How can I pay my fines?

You can pay online as directed in your violations billing notice, using a secure payment process (administered using PayPal) or, alternatively, you may send a check payable to CRMLS, Inc. and mailed to CRMLS, Attn: Data Integrity, 180 Via Verde, Suite 200, San Dimas, CA 91773.

5. How can I dispute a violation?

You may email to discuss your violation. If the matter is unable to be resolved via email communication, staff will contact you by phone.  Please make sure to provide your name, public ID and valid contact phone number.

6. How can I appeal a violation?
If you are unable to resolve your violations questions, you will have the option of filing a formal appeal for an administrative hearing which you may request by emailing