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Tech Blog: IFTTT - The Must Have App to Make Life Easier

Could you imagine getting a text message every time your BFF updates her status on Facebook? Or an email the moment those sold out concert tickets you were looking for are now on Craigslist?

IFTTT, If This Then That, does just that. IFTTT is a service that lets you connect two different applications together based on specific parameters, defined by you!

The service integrates with a number of different applications, such as Instagram, Flickr, Email, and Facebook.

“IFTTT enables everyone to take creative control over the flow of information.” This is the mission of the company. The service has been created to make online life easier for everyone. You are able to personally engineer IFTTT so it makes sense for you and your life.

There is a whole recipe to this madness. Triggers + Actions = Results (IF THIS THEN THAT). So when you put a trigger (THIS) together with an action (THAT) you get a completed task.

Example: If I upload a new photo to Instagram, then it’ll automatically be saved to my Dropbox

There are hundreds of other combinations you can try, from sending emails to sorting out to-do lists, you just need to play around and find what works for you.

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Written by Matt Ahlmann
Date Posted: 8/29/2013
Number of Views: 568