NAR's President, Leslie Rouda Smith, delivers a message to CVAR members regarding NAR's support of the humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

A Message From Our NAR President

Good afternoon everyone.


Thank you all so much for sharing your concerns and for expressing a desire to help those impacted by the violence in Ukraine. First and foremost, please let me reiterate that NAR's full staff and leadership team remain devastated by this ongoing tragedy. Please also know that our global volunteer leaders are engaged throughout region, while several NAR staff and LT members have been inconstant communication with our Eastern European colleagues impacted by the war. Many members of our own REALTOR® family are, in fact, actively and heroically engaged in the battle to defend their county, and it is worth stressing again that we support Ukraine's fight for freedom.


NAR also shares your desire to see action taken here however possible. As many of our members may already know, NAR's subsidiary, Second Century Ventures, has provided funding to our Romanian bilateral partner-APAIR-to further its efforts to assist Ukrainian refugees. And we are continuously assessing similar support of other global bilateral partners engaged in their own humanitarian relief efforts. We're currently working with our bilateral partners in Moldavia, Slovakia, and Poland, and we are well on our way to identifying how to maximize the impact of their existing efforts. In addition, please know that we have initiated conversations with our partner in Portugal, which has thought of real estate education as a way to offer comfort and a professional "family" to Ukrainian refugees to ensure those displaced by the conflict will feel welcomed and engaged in their country. Rest assured that NAR will explore opportunities to get involved in cases like this, as well.


We continue to look at every possible outlet to express our support for Ukraine and our genuine concern for all of those whose lives will be forever changed by this war. Earlier this month, I was so proud to see one of our Ukrainian members, Alexa Kebalo Hughes, given the stage to sing the Ukrainian national anthem at the President's Circle Conference and receive such warm, genuine support from those in attendance. Alexa was also able to provide information on where other NAR members could send money to help with evacuation efforts. Although a small gesture, we will continue to seek out powerful moments and opportunities like these that ensure we are raising global awareness and maximizing the impact of the support of NAR's 1.5 million members.  


Thank you all again for everything you do!

Leslie Rouda Smith

Dave Perry Miller Real Estate

Dallas TX