Professional Development

The following CAR courses are geared toward professional development and are a great way to build and grow your real estate business! These courses are offered as live lecture, online at your own pace, video interactive conference and live training from your home or office..

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  1. Advanced Negotiations for REALTORS®
  2. AIR Commercial Agreement and Forms
  3. All About Condos
  4. All About Disclosures
  5. At Home With Diversity
  6. Start Me Up - Agent
  7. Start Me Up - Broker
  8. Fundamentals of Transaction Coordination
  9. Negotiation Basics for REALTORS®
  10. Professional Property Management (Course 5) - Working with Investors
  11. Professional Property Management (Course 6) - Vacation Rental Management
  12. Property Management Course 7: Selling Apartment Buildings-The Investment Analysis Process
  13. Transaction Coordination 2 - Beyond the Contract
  14. Risk Management
  15. Small Claims-Big Rewards: The Fundamentals of Small Claims Court in CA
  16. Transaction Talk
  17. Your Guide to the California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA-CA) and Related Forms