FAQ Page


Q: How do I notify CVAR of my new brokerage?

A: Once your new office has been updated with the DRE, then you will submit an Office Transfer Form with the new brokers information.  Office Transfer Form

Q: How do I update my license with the Department of Real Estate?

A: Click on the link: https://secure.dre.ca.gov/elicensing/ to access the DRE’s eLicensing site, then follow instructions as prompted.

Q: How do I update my personal information (email, phone number, etc.) with CVAR?

A: You can make the changes by logging in to your Infohub or by emailing the information to: memberservices@cvar.net

Q: Can I set my account up on autopay?

A: Yes! You can select this option under the billing tab in your Infohub or simply complete the credit card authorization form and select the option(s) you would like to setup on autopay.

Q: What forms of payment methods does CVAR accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Telecheck. All payment methods can be processed in your Infohub.

Q: If I submit my application online, is there anything else needed? 

A: Yes, we will need payment information and Page 5 of application with Broker’s signature. Our payment authorization form can be found and downloaded on our website or by clicking here. You may submit both payment authorization form and Page 5 of the application (with broker’s signature) via email to memberservices@CVAR.net to complete the application process. 

Q: How do I request an Authorization Code for my Supra eKey app?

A: You may request an authorization code/update code through the app or give us a call at 909.305.2827.

Q: Do I have to come into the office to obtain a Supra Ekey?

A: No. The whole process can be done over the phone or by emailing the Supra ekey authorization form  to: memberservices@cvar.net. 


Q: How long do I have before I need to add photos to my listing in CRMLS?

A: At least one photograph or rendering accurately depicting a substantial portion of the exterior of the subject property must be submitted to the MLS within two days of entry of listing and must remain in the listing at all times for all statuses.

Q: Can I remove images from a listing once it’s in a finalized status (closed, cancelled, expired)?

A: If the listing is in a finalized status (Closed, Cancelled, or Expired), the MLS will not remove any photographs or other historical data, per state law and section 11.8 of the CRMLS Rules and Regulations. All information in the listing is important and necessary for market analysis, appraisals, CMAs, etc., and the photo content helps all MLS users understand the value of the property.

Q: Can I use images copied from Google or Bing on my listing?

A: No. By submitting any media to the MLS, the Participant and Subscriber represent and warrant that they own the right to reproduce and display the media or they have procured such rights and all necessary licenses from appropriate parties. If you use any media copied from or supplied by a third-party source, you must support your use with pre-entry written documentation which authorizes the listing agent and broker to use the images on the MLS. Please note that Google and Bing limit the allowed uses of their images to "Non-Commercial" uses, and publication through the MLS is considered a commercial use.

Q: If listing is reflecting “closed” status incorrectly can I have CVAR modify the status to Active?

A: Yes, the status can be updated by our office; only for closed status. However, this does not apply to a listing in “expired” status.

You can find more questions and answers on CRMLS Rules and Policies page or by clicking: https://go.crmls.org/crmls-rules-and-policies/