Legal Links

Arbitration/Mediation Organizations The web site of the American Arbitration Association JAMS/Endispute IVAMS ADR Services, Inc.

Environmental Health Issues
EPA web page with important information regarding radon. This page explores and explodes some popular myths on the subject.
EPA web page with basic and helpful information regarding indoor mold.

Megan's Law:
The "Megan's Law" web page. This information cannot be used except to be available to inform those whom may be at risk.

Other Legal Links

California Statutes Online - Official Legislative Site:
This provides a public, advertisement-free, access to California statutes. It contains a search engine, which may or may not be helpful, depending upon whether you use the correct search term.

View California Statutes Oline:
This is a commercial site which presents a simple way of finding a particular California statute. The home page provides many other legal sources of federal and state law information.

Status of Pending Legislation:
Need to know about the status of a particular bill? This site will provide you up the previous day information regarding the status of any bill in the legislature. One can also enroll on the legislative information page for automatic electronic mail updates, which will send you an email any time there is any action on the bill you so designate.

Corporate Listings/Status:
This site is of the Secretary of State, providing corporate status information. Is a particular business incorporated? Is it still authorized to do business in California? Who is the agent for service of process? Where is its principal business address? All of this information can be obtained from this site.

Contractor Licensing:
Contractors License Board - licensing status information. The status type of license(s), the person responsible for the license, the identity of the license bond surety AND are there other licenses the person has held are all items which can be obtained from this site.

Real Estate Licensees:
This site is the Department of Real Estate page for information on the licensing status of real estate professionals.

Attorney Licensing:
The official State Bar licensing information page. Is the person currently licensed? How long? Where did they attend law school? Is there any record of public discipline? This page will provide that information.
Government Websites by County: